Identity service

In a global identity eco-system, we believe that leading high security identity providers are likely to be major Internet services, banks, governments and telecommunication companies; trusted organizations with a large user base and capabilities to securely prove or authenticate users’ identities.

In addition to these commercial and government entities, we have identified a need for a long-term, independent, open identity provider with support for strong two-factor authentication. Our mission is for United ID Services to fill this role.

Our identity service will gain trust and a credible reputation by being independent of commercial interest, providing high integrity for users’ identities, strong two-factor authentication and a long term commitment.

The first version of the identity service was launched in 2014, based on the SAML open identity standard, including OATH based authenticators. Future versions will include support for OpenID Connect and FIDO U2F and FIDO 2.0.

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    "If people don't trust the applications on the net the network won't be as widely used or be the basis for growing GDP, creating new jobs and businesses."

    - Vinton Cerf, 2010