United ID Services is being developed in close dialogue with the following parties, that we envision will benefit of our services.


Any individual or corporation with access to the Internet will be able to get a strong identity for free at or at a low cost that can be used across the range of consumer and enterprise online applications.


E-services that will benefit from reduced identity theft and increased confidentiality range from financial services and web communities, to education and e-government applications. Initial services supporting SAML and that will work with United ID Services during 2014, include Google Apps,, Cisco WebEx, etc

Authentication technology vendors

As our identity service will only be offered with two-factor authentication, we believe United ID Services is likely to become an important marketplace for suppliers of strong authentication technologies.

Identity providers

For some identity providers it will be easier to collaborate with United ID, rather than implementing all of the security processes needed.

Open identity initiatives

United ID Services would not have been possible without a decade of determined work from the open identity community and thought leaders; including OASIS, Kantara, Internet2, OIX, OIDC, FIDO and NSTIC. Our goal is to be a “hands-on” bridge between these open standards initiatives, and facilitate adoption of the great work done by many before us.

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    "The President’s Cyberspace Policy Review established trusted identities as a cornerstone of improved cyber security."

    - NSTIC, White House initiave, 2011